Looking for a Lunch Spot in Bucksport, ME?

Looking for a Lunch Spot in Bucksport, ME?

Visit Warren's Waterfront Restaurant today

Are you in the mood for a juicy burger, flavorful sandwich or tasty salad today? Come to Warren's Waterfront Restaurant.

We'll be your new favorite lunch spot in Bucksport, ME. Our organic beef hamburgers are a hit with our guests, but we're more than just a burger restaurant. We serve great sandwiches, lobster rolls, haddock and salads, too.

5 reasons to check out our restaurant

When you're looking for a lunch spot, you can't go wrong by picking Warren's Waterfront Restaurant. Our family-owned restaurant is rapidly becoming a local favorite. You'll see what guests love when you visit.

Here are five reasons to skip the usual burger restaurant and try this new lunch spot:

  1. You'll find a variety of delicious, classic dishes served just how you like.
  2. You'll love our waterfront location's views and atmosphere.
  3. You'll feel welcome in our inviting, family-owned restaurant.
  4. Every person in your group will find something they love on our menu.
  5. You'll enjoy a satisfying meal at an affordable price.

Head to Warren's Waterfront Restaurant in Bucksport, ME for lunch today.